ABOUT THE 2019 VINTAGE | Errazuriz

2 April, 2019


With the arrival of April, we can share some insights that the 2019 vintage has delivered, as explained by Technical Director Francisco Baettig:

“The vintage began with a shortfall of rains by the end of winter and beginning of spring, so the dry soils pushed us to irrigate one month ahead compared to an average year. On the other hand, the absence of rains during spring ensured splendid sanitary conditions of our grapes. Temperatures early in the spring were similar to historic records, but were followed by a hot November. Heat summation between October and November was higher than average, which added to the dry conditions of the season accelerated the ripeness pace of the grapes the first weeks of March. Just like November, January and February were hot months, with heatwaves experienced in the central and southern regions that did not affect significantly the Aconcagua Valley. This scenario made the harvest got ahead of the historical dates, delivering good yields without exceeding our estimations. In all, a dry and healthy year, warmer than historical averages, with November, January and February as the hottest months, giving way to an early vintage. The harvest’s state of progress is approximately 80%, with 100% of white grapes and 74% of red varieties in the cellar” (by April 1)