2 November, 2015

Errázuriz Wine Photographer of the Year 2016

The Errázuriz Wine Photographer of the Year category began four years ago, when Viña Errázuriz approached Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year with the idea of creating an international wine photography award for the world’s top wine photographers.
Since then, nine top wine images focusing on Produce, People, and Places have been displayed each year at the Mall Galleries of London as part of the overall exhibition of more than 100 images selected by Pink Lady judges.
The competition is open for professional photographers as well as amateurs and enthusiasts, who can register and upload their pictures to the Pink Lady’s website. The winner of Errázuriz 2016 Wine Photographer of the Year will receive US$1,500 and have the opportunity to display his or her work in the world-renowned Mall Galleries.
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