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13 June, 2017

Viña Errázuriz Harvest Report 2017

The 2017 vintage in the Aconcagua Valley blessed us with wines with sophistication that beautifully balance fruit concentration, structure and depth mainly given the season’s particularly low yields. Bordeaux varietals shine with smooth, round and velvety tannins while purity, minerality and intensity mark Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blancs.

The wines of 2017 have an immense sense of purity and structure. The warm weather of the growing season produced wines that balance its natural velvety texture with true power and concentration.


After a winter within the historical ranges in temperatures and precipitations, mild and dry conditions followed during the months of August and September. As a result of the, higher temperatures and dry soils, bud break arrived earlier this season and in the case of Cabernet Sauvignon in the Don Maximiano vineyard this occurred on September 20th, nearly four weeks earlier than previous season.


As spring and summer unfolded, we experienced dry conditions along with steady warm temperatures, particularly during November and January, leading to ideal conditions for an optimal flowering, fruit set and veraison, and a healthy crop. During the spring months when we experienced a higher heat summation of nearly 8% more than historical records, that favored a healthy flowering and fruit set, and was followed by a milder summer.


March blessed with a relief in the overall warm temperatures of the summer, allowing the grapes to gently continue ripening, while preserving their acidity and freshness.


Despite the early picking dates due to the warmer conditions experienced in the Aconcagua Valley, we were able to achieve an optimal hang time of 127 days, being the early bud break of the season to thank for. The aforementioned, delivered wonderful ripeness while preserving the characteristic purity and freshness of our grapes.

Harvest at the Don Maximiano vineyard began on March 14th, nearly three weeks prior to the previous vintage. Berries were plump and fresh as they were harvested, and meticulous sorting of the fruit resulted in grapes with depth, concentration and balance.


Yields for the 2017 harvest was marked by a poor induction of the buds leading to lower yields in this new vintage. In average we experienced 21% lower yields across all our vineyards in the Aconcagua Valley which was compensated by beautiful concentration and structure in the grapes.

As a result of the above, the 2017 vintage delivered a small crop with exceptional potential to exceed our expectations given its high concentration and quality, notably healthy conditions in the vines and bright acidity. All of these conditions will preserve the fresh fruit style in winemaking that we seek for, and allow for remarkable concentration, structure and lively fruit flavors to be maintained as the wines age.

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