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26 September, 2016

Las Pizarras Chardonnay chosen by famed Celler de Can Roca for 3rd World Tour Dinners

Las Pizarras Chardonnay 2014 was chosen to be part of the menu that El Celler de Can Roca designed exclusively for the series of dinners that offered in Santiago de Chile, the only South American stop of their 2016 World Tour.

The acclaimed restaurant of the three Roca brothers, distinguished with three stars by the prestigious Michelin guide and chosen twice as the best restaurant in the world, offered during one week a menu inspired in autochthonous preparations and flavors and using only local products. This was accompanied by a striking and careful selection of wines with the purpose of reflecting the current moment of the Chilean wine scene.

This was explained by Sommelier Josep Roca, one of the three Roca brothers and the one in charge of choosing the wines for their restaurant in Spain for each of the tour stops. Josep chose Las Pizarras Chardonnay as an inspiration for the dish baptized as “Ostra al Chardonnay de Pizarra”, composed by oysters, black garlic and leek’s ashes, accompanied by pica lemon notes and marine lettuces.

About the wine, Josep commented: “We adapted the idea of a dish from black bordered oysters, but getting inspired from two particular soils: calcareous (…) and pizarra from Aconcagua Costa (where Las Pizarras Chardonnay comes from), an impeccable wine, owner of a unique style in the world.”

Chile was the last stop of El Celler de Can Roca third world tour, in which the Roca brothers travelled with a group of 40 people and visited three continents in five weeks, presenting their dining experience in London, Hong Kong, Phoenix and San Francisco, adapting their gastronomy to each local style.


Las Pizarras’ Story: A terroir driven philosophy

Since the beginnings of Viña Errazuriz, its philosophy has been to select the finest lands, grapes, barrels, and methodologies to craft world-class wines that reflect their terroir and unique identity. In 2005 Eduardo Chadwick had a vision of acquiring land in Aconcagua Costa, a unique and extraordinarily beautiful property with cool-climate conditions and diverse soil types. His dream was to create world class wines, aspiring to showcase the potential of Aconcagua Costa through terroir-specific wines, diverse in their geographic representation and “Grand Cru” in style. Under the leadership of Francisco Baettig, Errazuriz’s Technical Director, these ideas were distilled into three core principles:

  • Terroir would be the single most important feature
  • Minimal intervention in the cellar for purity of flavour and true balance
  • The creation of something that would endure beyond our lifetime and for generations to come.

After years of mapping and exploring the property, and with the collaboration of the French geologist Francoise Vannier-Petite, we were able to identify specific blocks that had a high component of metamorphic rock including slate (pizarra, in Spanish) and schist soils that make up this terroir. Extremely rare in Chile’s growing regions, slate and schist soils are one of the most prized of all wine-growing soils. The unique mineral composition of the soils, along with specific climate conditions, yield grapes of exceptional distinctive minerality, flavours and aromas.

In the words of Francisco Baettig; Errazuriz’s Technical Director, “Las Pizarras designates a limited, Grand Cru equivalent production of those blocks that have a pronounced influence of the pizarras -or slate- a metamorphic rock in this terroir. This particular climate and soil deliver a wine that is vertical, tight, dry, wellstructured, and mineral”.

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