President of South Korea was welcomed to Chile with Don Maximiano | Errazuriz

9 April, 2015

President of South Korea was welcomed to Chile with Don Maximiano

As part of her first presidential trip to Latin America, Korean President Park Geun-hye, visited Chile from April 21 to 23 to lay the foundation for mutually beneficial economic growth, explored a wide range of potential areas for cooperation and inaugurated what she called “an open era of prosperity and happiness.”

To welcome President Park to Chile and strengthen our ties of friendship with Korea, the owner of Viña Errázuriz, Eduardo Chadwick, sent her a letter with a special gift, a bottle of Don Maximiano Founder’s Reserve 2012, Viña Errázuriz’s

flagship Icon wine made in honour of the man who founded the pioneer winery in the Aconcagua Valley.He also enclosed the latest edition of the book “The Berlin Tasting, Uncorking the Potential of Chile’s Terroir,” which tells the story of the Chadwick-Errázuriz family and their quest to establish Chile’s place among the world’s greatest wine appellations.

President Park expressed her gratitude to Mr. Chadwick and said that Koreans feel an especially close affinity with Chile because it was the first South American country to recognize the government of the Republic of Korea and became Korea’s first FTA partner in 2004.

During her official visit, President Park had a bilateral summit with President Michelle Bachelet, attended a Memorandum of Understanding signing ceremony, and opened the Korea-Chile Business Forum, organized by the Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry and SOFOFA, attended by 250 business leaders from the two nations.

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