Viña Errázuriz among the 20 best vineyards in the world | Errazuriz

30 July, 2019

Viña Errázuriz among the 20 best vineyards in the world

The list for World’s Best Vineyards, chosen by experts in the food, wine and tourism businesses, was revealed on July 8 in London. Among the 1500 wineries that were nominated from around the world, Viña Errázuriz was awarded with an outstanding 17th place.

This event, which was created to give recognition to wine tourism, seeks to evaluate the vineyards not only for the quality of their wines, but also for their cuisine, tours, ambience, staff, view, prices, reputation and accessibility of each place. According to Andrew Reed, creator of the contest: “Wine is a reflection of its particular environment, its terroir. It’s not just about wine, it’s a whole package.”

South America dominated the list with seven wineries in the top 20, and our country was the biggest winner of the night, as eight vineyards were chosen among the top 50 in the world.

“We are very happy for having been chosen among the best vineyards to visit globally, as this reflects our efforts to excel in all areas, and constantly improve and revamp what we have to offer in terms of tourism, vineyards and wine experience in general, so we can continue being a trendsetting vineyard and making a difference in innovation and quality”, said Pilar Moreno, Marketing Director of Viña Errázuriz.


Tourist Service Viña Errázuriz

Viña Errázuriz currently offers eight different experiences in its two wineries located in Panquehue, in the Aconcagua Valley. The visits include information on the history of the vineyard and its importance in the development of the wine industry at a national and international level. We also offer tours of the historic underground cellars and vineyards.

In terms of wine pairing and tasting, some of the tours end with an exclusive tasting of up to four of our best wines, while our Food & Pairing service offers a three-course lunch, each paired in perfect harmony with wines from our line of Specialties.