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Aconcagua Valley

Located just 90 kilometres north of Santiago, Chile’s capital, the traditional Aconcagua Valley is the last of the country’s transversal valleys. Its basin is shaped by the Aconcagua River, which flows from the Andes Mountain Range into the Pacific Ocean. Its riverbanks are formed by alluvial and colluvial terraces, ideal for growing the finest grape varieties.

The valley’s great telluric beauty and its mild Mediterranean climate, which features an extended dry season and rains concentrated mainly in winter, were the facts that most probably attracted Don Maximiano Errazuriz’s attention, who 145 years ago, with a great vision, established his winery there. And he was not mistaken: the easy access to water for irrigation and the volcanic and colluvial origin of its soils, make Aconcagua a real viticultural paradise. From the mountains to the coast, this has been the origin of many of the most renowned Chilean wines.