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KAI Carmenere 2006

产地: Aconcagua Valley
成分: 87% Carmenere, 9% Petit Verdot and 4% Syrah
酒精: 14.5% v/v
PH值: 3.68
总酸度: 5.72 g/l (in tartaric acid)
甜度: 2.39g/l

Gorgeous, deep violet-red in colour, this wine combines the aromas of ripe black fruit and enticing spices such as black pepper and ginger, as well as subtle notes of truffles, cocoa, and roasted coffee. The intense nose gives way to a lush, well-rounded palate with remarkably soft and ample tannins that lend a silky mouthfeel. Black fruit flavours are confirmed on the palate and extend on into its long, sweet finish.