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Aconcagua Alto Aconcagua Alto Carmenere 2015

地: Aconcagua Valley
成分: 100% Carmenere
酒精: 14% v/v
值: 3,56
总酸度: 5,53 g/l (in tartaric acid)
甜度: 2,35 g/l
陈化: 14 months in French oak barrels, 28% of which were new.
Grapes where handpicked, double sorted and then crushed. The must was deposited into stainless steel tanks for fermentation at 24˚–28˚C with aerated pumpovers to help reactive tannins and set the colour. Then, the wine was racked directly to French oak barrels, 28% of which were new, where it underwent malolactic fermentation and was aged for a total of 14 months.