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20 Years of the Berlin Tasting: Celebrating the Legacy and Excellence of Viña Errázuriz

In 2024, we commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the Berlin Tasting, an occasion where the vision of Eduardo Chadwick, owner of Viña Errázuriz, forever transformed the global perception of Chilean wine.

“The Berlin Tasting stemmed from my frustration when critics failed to recognize the quality of our wines simply because they were Chilean, due to Chile being a newcomer on the global wine stage,“ recalls Eduardo.

During this inaugural event, a blind tasting was conducted, evaluated by top wine experts. Don Maximiano Founder's Reserve secured first place in 5 out of the 22 events held, becoming the wine that clinched the top spot the most times in 10 years of blind tastings. It surpassed Bordeaux Grand Crus and Super Tuscans, thus solidifying Chile's position on the stage of world-class fine wines.

Two decades later, the legacy of the Berlin Tasting still resounds. Viña Errázuriz is actively participating in events for the 20th Anniversary of the Berlin Tasting, which commenced in February in the German capital. At the Regent Hotel in Berlin, during the official anniversary celebration, Eduardo Chadwick shone as the host in a Masterclass alongside Caro Maurer MW, astonishing attendees with vertical tastings of Don Maximiano Founder’s Reserve and KAI, the wines that emerged victorious in the original tasting.

To continue the celebrations, in March, Viña Errázuriz made its presence felt at the Dorchester Hotel in London for another tasting of Don Maximiano Founder’s Reserve and KAI, led by Eduardo Chadwick and co-hosts Peter Richards MW and Amanda Barnes. Hosts and attendees alike praised the impeccable organization of the event, its emotive, celebratory, and friendly atmosphere, and the excellent quality of service.

The series of celebrations for the 20 years of the “Berlin Tasting“ will continue with 15 events in the world's major wine cities, culminating in Santiago, Chile, in November. Through commemorating this significant milestone, Viña Errázuriz proudly showcases to the world the exceptional qualities and potential of Chilean fine wines, once again solidifying its position as a benchmark of quality.

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