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Las Pizarras Chardonnay 2021 acclaimed as one of the Top 100 Wines of Chile 2023 by James Suckling

Following his longstanding tradition, influential American wine critic James Suckling draws up an annual list of the best wines from various wine-producing countries. On this occasion, he presented the "Top 100 Wines 2023 Chile", in which Las Pizarras Chardonnay 2021 placed 2nd in the overall ranking and was named the Best White Wine of Chile.

Las Pizarras is one of the most innovative projects Viña Errázuriz has launched in recent years, focused on wines with a tremendous sense of origin and—for the first time in Chile—spotlighting the Aconcagua Costa

This vineyard has a distinctive quality--abundant metamorphic rock of volcanic origin (basalt and andesite)—that gives the wines their mineral and vertical profile, among other things. Referring to this, James Suckling commented: "Punchy minerals cut through the creamy lemon and terroir, just 12 kilometres from the Pacific Ocean.limey citrus, almost like licking wet stones!"

For Las Pizarras Chardonnay 2021, earning this and other honours from international critics reinforces Viña Errázuriz’ commitment to creating unique, extremely pure wines and to continue pursuing its philosophy of excellence and innovation, positioning Chile as a world-class origin.

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