Errázuriz brand

Viña Errázuriz participated at the Aconcagua Wine Harvest Festival

March and April are the traditional wine harvest months in Chile, the time when we harvest the grapes, give thanks to the fertile land, honor the wine, and hold the traditional festivities.

As part of this, on Saturday 25th March, Viña Errázuriz participated in the Aconcagua Wine Harvest Festival 2023 organised by the Aconcagua Winegrowers Association, which took place in an open-air and family-friendly environment in Los Manantiales de Panquehue.

The celebration brought together approximately 2,600 people who enjoyed wine tastings, local cuisine, folklore, handicrafts, as well as the presence of Viña Errázuriz, great ambassador of this prestigious Valley with the best of its wines such as MAX and its emblematic flagship wine Don Maximiano.

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