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Viña Errázuriz begins a new harvest season

As every year, Viña Errázuriz began a new harvest period in its vineyards located in the Aconcagua Valley. It is in this new season that the Errázuriz team has witnessed how a spring 2023 that started with cooler temperatures than usual, causing a delay in the ripening process of the vines, and unusually warm January and February months in 2024, have directly affected the harvest times.

In the vineyards located in the interior of the Aconcagua Valley, the harvest began approximately three weeks later than in a normal year. The cooler spring delayed the calendar, presenting both challenges and opportunities to adapt field practices to ensure the optimum quality of the grapes and, consequently, of the future wines to be produced.

On the other hand, in those vineyards located towards the coast, which are more sensitive to temperature fluctuations, the warm days of January and February made it possible to make up for the delay, accelerating the ripening process and bringing forward the harvest of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes by five to seven days. Thus, during the first week of March, the harvest of these vines was already being completed.

The conditions currently prevailing in the Aconcagua Valley are ripe for producing wines of exceptional intensity with a remarkable preservation of acidity, which undoubtedly promises a vintage that will beautifully express the unique characteristics of its terroir.

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