Errázuriz brand

We have a deep commitment to caring for the land.


Errázuriz vineyard

For more than 150 years we have been producing quality wines, thanks to the benefits of the same soil chosen by Don Maximiano Errázuriz.

We love our land and its fruit. We are aware that the only way to continue making the best wines is by managing our impact and raising production standards in complete harmony with our environment. This has been our hallmark for more than a century and a half, and we will continue to transmit this legacy to future generations.

We implement practices that allow us to have production processes in harmony with our environment and produce wines that reflect this seal in each glass

Energy efficiency

Our barrel rooms and our wine cellars are built based on eco-friendly architecture, as well as our icon winery Don Maximiano, which has a natural temperature control system based on a geothermal gradient. Along with this, our wineries take advantage of the gravitational effect in the movement of musts and wines, and the general operating buildings have solar panels for energy supply.

Technologies for efficient use of water

All our vineyards have drip irrigation, monitoring sensors and delivery systems that favour the efficient use of water resources. Additionally, we use systems that conserve water and promote its reuse.

Soil health monitoring

We use photographic records to manage vineyard variables, humidity sensors for irrigation programming and vegetation between rows for erosion control.

Integrated pest management.

We use natural products with low impact on health and the environment to control pests in our vineyards.


Since our beginnings, we have sought to have the least possible impact on nature, for which we conserve natural biological corridors for birds and native fauna, as well as respecting the flows of streams and native forests between vineyards.


We maintain a close relationship with the communities neighbouring our facilities, collaborating and supporting different social activities and maintaining a continuous dialogue in pursuit of collaborative work.

Supply chain

We subscribe to the Clean Production Protocol of the Chilean industry, and we implement management systems of best practices in line with the BRC and HACCP standards. We work as well with local glass suppliers, promoting entrepreneurship.

Reuse and recycle

We prioritize the use of recyclable materials in the containers and packaging of our bottles and we recycle the by-products of our operation from local suppliers. Along with this, we reuse organic matter generated from our processes.

Immersive Experience

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