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2023: A year "TO THE MAX" for MAX

In 2023, Viña Errázuriz launched a new global communication campaign centred on its ultra-premium wine MAX, inviting consumers to do things "TO THE MAX".

Under the slogan "If you do it, do it to the MAX" and accompanied by unique and captivating content, Viña Errázuriz’ prestigious wine range seeks to inspire everyone to do things in the most passionate way they can, knowing and believing it will lead to extraordinary results. The campaign also embodies and conveys the legacy and passion of founder Don Maximiano Errázuriz for making the best wines in the Aconcagua Valley.

At a complex time for Chilean wine both domestically and internationally, the campaign had a successful launch in Chile through a powerful media plan that included social network appearances and awareness-raising among clients and in the mass media that generated more than forty million instances of contact with the public. Those efforts were reflected in an incredibly positive result: the brand’s 30% growth in the market.

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