Errázuriz brand

Viña Errázuriz reinforces its corking protocols for icon wines, highlighting their aging potential

At Viña Errázuriz, excellence in the production and bottling of our icon wines is a priority, which is why for more than eight years, they have implemented a rigorous Recorkage Policy.

This process is carried out in the twelfth year after bottling, when we begin to review the need for recorking, and subsequently maintain a review periodicity every two years until we determine when recorking is required.

For each batch reviewed, the protocol includes a visual assessment of the integrity of the cork and a random tasting to verify the condition of the wine. In addition, if necessary, laboratory analysis is performed to ensure quality.

Currently, this exhaustive process is led by Viña Errázuriz's Chief Winemaker, Tomás Muñoz, together with the technical team, who, in the event of detecting the need to change the cork, notify and coordinate directly with the production area to make the necessary adjustment.

With this protocol, Viña Errázuriz reaffirms its commitment to the quality and longevity of each of its icon wines, including each bottle of Don Maximiano Founder's Reserve, whose first vintage dates back to 1983, ensuring its excellence over time.

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